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From our numerous results from over 20 years of video production

Strength lies in the middle: Peace demonstration in Naumburg, June 12,...

Please support such video productions! ... »

From a distance to connection: PEACE COMES FROM THE CENTER - Demo against the NATO exercise Air Defender 2023 in Naumburg on June 12th, 2023. World without weapons! (Weimar)

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION - top quality and at the best price - professional recording of concerts, events, discussions, theater performances...
for release on TV, Web, Blu-ray Disc, DVD

Small budget vs. high demands?

Usually one is mutually exclusive. However, STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is the exception to the rule. The cameras we use are modern models of the latest generation with large 1-inch image sensors of the same type. Excellent image quality is achieved despite difficult lighting conditions. The use of programmable motor pan-tilts allows the cameras to be controlled remotely and minimizes manpower, which reduces costs.

We can work for you in the following areas, among others

Multi-camera video production (parallel recording with multiple cameras)

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is one of the few companies that offers multi-camera video production. We use cameras of the same type. This ensures identical picture quality even with 4K/UHD. The video editing is done using professional software on high-performance computers. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video production of concerts, theater performances, readings ...

For the video recording of concerts, theater performances, readings, etc., we consistently use the multi-camera method. The multi-camera video recording makes it possible to record the different areas of the performance from different perspectives. Remote controlled cameras are used. The cameras are controlled from a central point with regard to zoom, sharpness and alignment. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be operated by a single person. This saves personnel costs for you.
TV and video reports for radio, streaming and the internet

Through working as a video journalist for many years, I was able to gain relevant experience in this area. Hundreds of video reports and TV reports have been produced and broadcast over the years. The topics were as varied as the places reported on. These included breaking news and information, cultural and sporting events, competitions, social events and much more. We are able to research for you in all conceivable areas and to produce video contributions and TV reports.
Video recording of interviews, round tables, discussion events, etc.

The use of several cameras is also useful for the video production of rounds of talks, interviews, discussion events, etc. Two cameras are sometimes sufficient if the questioner is not to be shown in the picture in interviews with only one person. If an interview or conversation with several people is to be recorded on video, the use of more than 2 cameras is essential. The extent to which remote-controlled cameras must be used depends on whether the event is attended by an audience. If rounds of talks without an audience are to be video-recorded, the motor pan-tilt may not be necessary. This reduces the technical effort.
Video editing, video adjustment, audio editing

Of course, recording events, concerts, interviews and discussions is not enough. The next step after video recording is video cutting or video editing. An important part of editing video material is adjusting and mixing the soundtracks or audio tracks. During editing, the video is completed with logos, blurbs and, if necessary, other video, image and text material. We also cut videos from their or material from other sources. If the soundtracks of a concert recording are to be remixed and mastered, you can supply them accordingly.
Small batch manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs

We can offer you the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small series. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs not only offer unbeatable advantages in terms of archiving. The security of the data on USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is not guaranteed for eternity. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs lack electronic components. Thus, these potential weak points and causes for data loss are missing. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs for music and video are therefore the first choice as a souvenir, as a gift or for sale.

Results from over 20 years
Free schools in focus: Doreen Hoffmann in an interview about proven methods and new approaches in times of uncertainty.

Crisis management through education: How the Free School leads innovative pedagogy to ... »
For our new tomorrow - the letter from a resident - the citizens' voice of the Burgenland district

For our new tomorrow - the opinion of a citizen from the Burgenland ... »
Floorball action: The exciting game between UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels and UHC Döbeln 06

Promotion of young talents in floorball: How the UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels promotes young ... »
The pupils of the Drei Türme secondary school in Hohenmölsen planted a golden elm to commemorate their school days. Principal Frank Keck supports the campaign. Final class 10a in 2021.

Graduates of the Drei Türme secondary school in Hohenmölsen plant a tree (a golden ... »
Mendl Festival - A homage to music and singing

Mendl Festival 2019 in Zeitz with actor Michael Mendl - A homage to music and ... »
Successful final performance of "Alban and the Queen" in the Kulturhaus Weißenfels, ceremonial entry in the city's book, interview with Barbara Döring (Chairwoman Music Art Weißenfels eV), Reinhard Seehafer (composer of the musical), Burgenlandkreis.

Emotional farewell: "Alban and the Queen" ends a successful series of musicals ... »
Lack of foresight? Let's show the RED CARD! Demo against the government in Naumburg on September 24th, 2023.

Discontent in action: RED CARD for the government! Support the demo in Naumburg on ... »
PEACE COMES FROM THE CENTER - Demo for peace in Naumburg on June 12th, 2023.

The power of the middle: Peace demonstration in Naumburg on June 12, ... »
Yann Song King - Angel of Peace Stanislaw Jewgrafowitsch Petrow (song) - The citizens' voice of Burgenlandkreis

Angel of Peace Stanislaw Jewgrafowitsch Petrow - Yann Song King - The citizens' ... »
Video report: Open Neuland Zeitz - small towns, big stage - in Zeitz

Open Neuland Zeitz - in Zeitz in the Burgenland ... »
Nessa's White Woman: An Eerie Encounter with Reese & Ërnst

On the trail of the supernatural: Reese & Ërnst and the White Woman of ... »
Portrait of the American singer Adrienne Morgan Hammond and her career in gospel music, with a focus on her collaboration with the choir Celebrate, Burgenlandkreis and her participation in the 2nd open air gospel concert at the Altmarkt in Hohenmölsen.

Interview with Matthias Keilholz, pastor of the northern Zeitz region, about the importance ... »

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