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Our services, such as multi-camera video recording and video production, vary in complexity and therefore require individual pricing.
Customers often have different project requirements, so individual pricing ensures that they get the services they need and don't overpay. Our pricing is based on the level of expertise required for the project, so we can provide an accurate cost for the services needed.
Customers can also benefit from our expertise in the video production industry, as we can offer advice on the most cost-effective services for their project.
Our pricing model ensures that the quality of our services remains high, as we don't need to cut corners to maintain a low price. By offering individual pricing, we can better understand the customer's needs and offer services that meet their specific requirements.
Customers often have a specific vision for their video project, and individual pricing ensures that we can bring that vision to life within their budget.
Our team can work with customers to identify the most cost-effective solutions for their video production needs, which can help to minimize costs. We understand that video production can be a significant investment, which is why we offer individual pricing to ensure that customers get the best value for their money.

Our range of services

Synchronous recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is your partner when it comes to multi-camera recordings and video production. We rely on high-quality cameras of the same type. Basically, at least 4K/UHD is recorded. The video editing takes place on high-performance computers. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video recording of theater performances, concerts, readings ...

For the video recording of concerts, theater performances, readings, etc., we consistently use the multi-camera method. The multi-camera recording makes it possible to capture the many areas of the event from different perspectives in the picture. We use cameras that are remote controlled. From a central point, a cameraman has everything in view and can align the cameras in a variety of ways. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be operated by a single person. This saves personnel costs for you.
Video reports for television and the Internet

Through working as a video journalist for many years, I was able to gain relevant experience in this area. Hundreds of TV contributions and reports were produced and broadcast. This activity led to a wide variety of places for a wide variety of topics. These included current information and news, social events, cultural events, sports competitions, football, handball and much more. We are able to research for you in all conceivable areas and to produce video contributions and TV reports.
Video recording of interviews, round tables, discussion events, etc.

Depending on the order, we also use several cameras for the video production of interviews, discussion events, round tables, etc. If the questioner should not be visible in interviews with only one person, two cameras would be sufficient. More than two cameras are always necessary when it comes to interviews and conversations with several people. Depending on whether it is an event with an audience, remote-controlled cameras can also be used here. If interviews, conversations or discussion rounds are recorded without an audience, there is no need for a motor pan tilt.
Video editing, video adjustment, audio editing

Of course, recording events, concerts, interviews and discussions is not enough. After video recording, video editing is the logical next step in video production. An important part of editing video material is adjusting and mixing the soundtracks or audio tracks. If additional text and image material is to be integrated, this is not a problem. Logos and blurbs can also be designed and integrated. You can also submit existing image, text, video and audio material. If, for example, the audio tracks of a concert recording are to be mastered, we can do this or you can supply it as a file.
Small batch manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs

Our range of services also includes the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in small series. In contrast to other storage media, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs have unbeatable advantages. Hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards don't last forever. Electronic components are the common cause of data loss from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs do not have these. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs are ideal for selling, giving away or archiving music and videos.

From our results from over 20 years of video production
Love to dance - music video by the artist Bastian Harper

Music video by artist Bastian Harper entitled Love to ... »
New horizons: The KDP - Consensus Democratic Party founded - Better than Sahra Wagenknecht's approach!

More unity, more progress: People's Party KDP founded - A clear improvement compared ... »
Christine Beutler und Amy, die leidenschaftliche Bildungswandlerin, Lernbegleiterin und Mutter, vertiefen sich in Gespräche über neue Lernorte, Schulgründungen und den Weg, wie Eltern ihre eigene Kraft entdecken und entfesseln können.

Amy, die leidenschaftliche Bildungswandlerin, Lernbegleiterin und Mutter, erkundet zusammen mit ... »
TV report about the 15th bike cross around the Auensee in Granschütz with Biehler Cross Challenge and interview with Winfried Kreis (White Rock eV Weißenfels) in 4K/UHD

TV report about the bike cross event: 15th race around the Auensee in Granschütz with ... »
SSC Saalesportclub Weissenfels Review Insights Outlook Press Conference Part 2

Press Conference SSC Saale-Sport-Club Weissenfels Review Insights Outlook Part ... »
The history of Lützen in pictures: Interview with Dr. Inger Schuberth, historian from the Swedish Lützen Foundation, at the opening of the exhibition "Lützen 1632 - Great History in Great Pictures" in the "Red Lion" hall.

dr Inger Schuberth, a historian from the Swedish Lützen Foundation, speaks in an interview ...»

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