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From our numerous results from over 20 years of video production

Village idyll: The mysterious exchange with Reese & Ërnst - Three goats and a donkey...

Please support video productions like this! ... »

Reese tells Ërnst about an extraordinary incident in which a dispute over the strongest person in the village was brought to court. The strange development and unexpected twist in this legal conflict becomes an entertaining story about community and solutions through the justice system.

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION - the most economical and yet professional way to record events, conferences, concerts, discussions, theater performances ...
for publication on the Internet, TV, on DVD, BluRay...

Ambitious despite limited financial possibilities?

As a rule, it is impossible to realize both at the same time. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is the exception and the only video production company to refute this rule. We use cameras of the latest generation with large 1-inch image sensors of the same type. Outstanding image quality is ensured even in difficult lighting conditions. The use of programmable motor pan-tilts enables the cameras to be operated remotely, which reduces personnel expenditure and enables cost savings.

We offer the following services, among others

Synchronous recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

Multi-camera video production is a main focus of STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION. We rely on high-quality cameras of the same type. Cameras of the same type ensure identical image quality for every image or camera setting. The video editing is done using professional software on high-performance computers. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p as well.
Video recording of theater performances, concerts, readings ...

For the video recording of concerts, theater performances, readings, etc., we consistently use the multi-camera method. If the many different areas of the stage presentation are to be recorded on video from different perspectives, we can do this using the multi-camera method. Remote controlled cameras are used. The cameras are controlled in a variety of ways from just one central point. In this way, 5 or more cameras can be operated by a single person. This saves personnel costs for you.
TV and video reports for radio and internet streaming

Through many years of activity, we also have a wealth of experience in this area. Over the years, several hundred video reports and TV features have been researched, filmed, edited and broadcast on television. The researched topics as well as the locations were very different and varied. These included breaking news and information, cultural and sporting events, competitions, social events and much more. Our wealth of experience is so rich that we can produce TV reports and video reports for you on all sorts of topics.
Video recording of rounds of talks, discussion events, interviews, etc.

Depending on the order, we also use several cameras for the video production of interviews, discussion events, round tables, etc. If the questioner is not to be shown in the picture in interviews with only one person, two cameras are sometimes completely sufficient. Of course, we rely on the multi-camera method insofar as it is an interview and conversation situation with several people. The extent to which remote-controlled cameras must be used depends on whether the event is attended by an audience. There is no need for a motor pan tilt when it comes to discussions without an audience.
Editing and editing of video and audio material

Of course, recording events, concerts, theater performances, talks, etc. on video is only half the battle. After the video recording, the video editing inevitably follows. An important part of editing video material is adjusting and mixing the soundtracks or audio tracks. The integration of additional text and image material as well as the integration of logos and blurbs also takes place during the video editing. We also cut videos from their or material from other sources. If the soundtracks of a concert recording are to be remixed and mastered, you can supply them accordingly.
CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc - Small Series Manufacturing

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION offers small batch manufacturing of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. In terms of archiving, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer a number of advantages. The security of the data on USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is not guaranteed for eternity. Since Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs contain no electronic components, this potential vulnerability and cause of data loss is absent. Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs are great for selling, gifting, and archiving music, videos, or files.

From our results created in over 20 years of video production.
Exciting football evening in Zorbau: We talked to Dietmar Neuhaus (President of Blau-Weiss Zorbau) and Maik Kunze (sports director and head coach of Blau-Weiss Zorbau) before the last home game against Magdeburger SV Börde.

Blau Weiß Zorbau's last home game against Magdeburger SV Börde: We talked to ... »
A TV report on the "Reading Bag Campaign" by the Weißenfels City Library shows how elementary school students at the Langendorf Elementary School were provided with reading bags. The campaign was carried out in cooperation with the Seume bookstore Weißenfels and with the support of the Burgenland district. In an interview, Andrea Wiebigke and Jana Sehm have their say.

A TV report reports on the "Reading Bag Campaign" by the Weißenfels City Library. ... »
Handball fever in Burgenlandkreis: WHV 91 meets SV Anhalt Bernburg II. Watch the entire game in impressive 4K resolution

4K recording of the handball game of the Verbandsliga Süd: WHV 91 versus SV Anhalt Bernburg ... »
TV report on the intensive preparation of the state squad in the disciplines of fighting and duo for the President's Cup in the clinker halls in Zeitz.

Interview with Steven Theilig, the state trainer for fighting at KSG Jodan Kamae Zeitz, ... »
TV reporting: New Year's reception of the AOK Saxony-Anhalt in the customer center in Halle with speaker Petra Grimm-Benne

An interview with state representative Wilma Struck: How the AOK Saxony-Anhalt organized the ... »
Interview with Elmar Schwenke, Peter Lemar (musician, journalist, author)

We don't want to become zombies brought into line - Interview with Elmar Schwenke, Peter ...»
TV report: Press conference at the Heitzmann company in Zeitz with the Employment Agency and the Burgenlandkreis Economic Development Office - successes and challenges in the integration of returnees

TV report: Press conference at the Heitzmann company in Zeitz with the Employment Agency ... »
Heroism and Tactics: The Battle of Roßbach in Detail. Visit to the anniversary in Weißenfels

Battle of Roßbach: A historical journey through time. Interview with the IG Diorama ... »
Naumburg becomes a soccer stronghold - TV report on the presentation of the Sparkasse FairPlay Soccer Tour 2018 with Rene Tretschock as a guest

Deutsche Soccer Liga eV presents FairPlay-Tour - TV report from the press conference in the ... »
A heart for people eV

Be the ... »

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