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Results from over 20 years

An interview with Rolf Beyer: How Rot-Weiß Weißenfels won the volleyball game...

Oberliga, Magdeburg athletics club unit, volleyball, Burgenlandkreis , Rolf Beyer (coach and team leader Rot-Weß-Weißenfels), Rot-Weiss Weißenfels, TV report, interview

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION - top quality and at the best price - professional recording of concerts, events, discussions, theater performances...
for publication on the web, TV, on BluRay, DVD

High demands and limited financial resources - a difficult combination?

It is seldom possible to have both at the same time. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is the exception and the only video production company to refute this rule. Our cameras are of the same type and latest generation, but they have large 1 inch image sensors. Excellent image quality is achieved in difficult lighting conditions. Cameras can be controlled remotely by using programmable motor pan-tilts, which reduces manpower and saves costs.

We offer the following services, among others

Synchronous recording with multiple cameras (multi-camera video production)

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION offers you the video recording with several cameras at the same time. Professional cameras of the same type are used. Cameras of the same type ensure identical image quality for every image or camera setting. Professional software is used for video editing on high-performance computers, which is also used by TV stations worldwide. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION already offers the possibility to produce videos in 8K / UHD-II / UHDTV2 / 4320p.
Video recording of theater performances, concerts, readings ...

When it comes to video recording theater performances, concerts, readings, etc., we naturally use the multi-camera method. Only through multi-camera video production is it possible to record many areas of the event simultaneously in image and sound. We rely on modern cameras that are remote-controlled. The very varied alignment of the cameras takes place from a central point. This reduces manpower and costs because a single person can control multiple cameras.
Video reports for TV, streaming and internet

Through many years of activity, we also have a wealth of experience in this area. Hundreds of video reports and TV reports have been produced and broadcast over the years. The researched topics as well as the locations were very different and varied. The topics ranged from current news and information to cultural and sporting events, social events and much more. Due to our many experiences, we are able to work for you in almost all topics to produce TV reports and video reports.
Video production of rounds of talks, discussion events, interviews, etc.

Depending on what the client wants and how the situation is on site, several cameras are also used for interviews, rounds of talks, discussion events, etc. If the questioner is not to be shown in the picture in interviews with only one person, two cameras are sometimes completely sufficient. However, if it is an interview or conversation situation with several people, we naturally rely on the multi-camera method. Depending on whether it is an event with an audience, remote-controlled cameras can also be used here. The technical effort is reduced if the video recording is of discussions without an audience.
Editing of video and audio material

Of course, recording events, concerts, interviews and discussions is not enough. After video recording, video editing is the logical next step in video production. The soundtracks or audio tracks have to be adjusted and mixed while the video material is being edited. A complete video production includes the creation and integration of logos, blurbs and, if necessary, additional image, text and video material. You can also submit existing image, text, video and audio material. If, for example, the audio tracks of a concert recording are to be mastered, we can do this or you can supply it as a file.
Manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in small quantities

Our range of services also includes the production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in small series. When it comes to archiving audio, video and data, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer clear advantages. The security of the data on USB sticks, memory cards and hard drives is not guaranteed for eternity. Electronic components are the common cause of data loss from hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs do not have these. Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs are great for selling, gifting, and archiving music, videos, or files.

From our numerous results from over 20 years of video production
100 years Ernst Thälmann Stadium in Zeitz: Oliver Tille in a video interview about the eventful history of the stadium and 1. FC Zeitz

100 years Ernst Thälmann Stadium in Zeitz: Oliver Tille in a video interview about the ... »
The history of Lützen in pictures: Interview with Dr. Inger Schuberth, historian from the Swedish Lützen Foundation, at the opening of the exhibition "Lützen 1632 - Great History in Great Pictures" in the "Red Lion" hall.

"Lützen 1632 - big history in big pictures": Opening of the exhibition in the ... »
Narcissistic Abuse - The Citizens' Voice of Burgenlandkreis

Narcissistic abuse - the perception of a resident of the Burgenland ... »
History trip with Nadja Laue: Whores, witches & midwives in Weissenfels

Magical insights: Historical city tour by Nadja Laue about whores, witches and midwives ... »
TV report about Michael Mendl, who explores the history and culture of the city of Zeitz and conducts interviews with historians and city guides.

TV report about Michael Mendl, who visits the Theater Capitol and the Neue Theater Zeitz ... »
Interviews with nature conservationist Martina Hoffmann and master beekeeper Hermann Floßfelder about the film and beekeeping in the Burgenland district

NABU Merseburg Querfurt: Film screening about the death of bees and the consequences for ...»
The longest cable car in the world in Zeitz: A technical masterpiece and the 8th wonder of the world - Ralph Dietrich in a video interview about the revival of the cable car and the Verein Historische Wireseilbahn Zeitz eV

The 8th wonder of the world in Zeitz: Ralph Dietrich in a video interview about the ... »
Carolinger campaign in the district office of Burgenlandkreis: A sign of solidarity A report on how the caroling campaign in the district office of Burgenlandkreis is a sign of solidarity and how it helps to strengthen the community.

Carol singers in the district office of Burgenlandkreis: tradition meets modernity A report on how ...»
Corona hits medley - Yann Song King - A citizen in the Burgenland district

Corona Hits Medley - Yann Song King - A Resident's ... »
Concert review of the 2nd open air gospel concert on the Altmarkt in Hohenmölsen, with a description of the musical performances by Adrienne Morgan Hammond and the choir Celebrate, Burgenlandkreis, as well as an assessment of the mood and atmosphere on site.

Report on the importance of open air concerts in times of COVID-19, with a focus on the 2nd ...»

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