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Results from over 20 years

"30 years of Detmold-Zeitz partnership: A success story in monument protection - A video...

In a video interview with members of the Detmold-Zeitz partnership association, the rescue of the Steintorturm am Brühl is discussed. In a video interview, Diana Jakob, Beate Teller, Kerstin Müller and Heidrun Planke report on the history of the Steintorturm and the 30-year work of the partnership association. The conversation with Diana Jakob, Beate Teller, Kerstin Müller and Heidrun Planke also sheds light on the 30-year history of the Detmold-Zeitz partnership association. The video interview gives an insight into the work of the partnership association Detmold-Zeitz and shows how an important part of the cultural heritage could be preserved through joint commitment.

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