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From our results from over 20 years of video production

Reading in the Architecture and Environment House: A reading in the Architecture and Environment...

anniversary, Capitol, cinema, Konstanze Teile (head of the Capitol team), look behind the scenes, interview, Kathrin Nerling (public relations work in the city Zeitz) , 90 years, collector of historical film posters), tour, theater, Zeitz, Hermann Hübner (interested in film, TV report

STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION - the best way to record concerts, theater performances, events, talks...
for release on TV, Web, Blu-ray Disc, DVD

Do you have high standards despite limited financial resources?

Usually this rules out a possibility. STUTTGART VIDEOPRODUKTION is the exception to the rule. We use modern cameras of the same type of the latest generation with large 1-inch image sensors. Outstanding image quality is achieved in difficult lighting conditions. With programmable motorized pan-tilts, cameras can be controlled remotely, minimizing manpower and enabling cost savings.